Sunday, August 17, 2008

not that much has happened. we just...

went to the Clash; did the Clash; left the Clash (Aug. 3-9)

drove to NC...then to SC (last sunday Aug. 10)

Monday: we got car insurance. unpacked. P had her first day of work in the Archives. cataloguing slides of the football team. go gamecocks.

Tuesday: more of the same. N registered for classes: Symbolic logic, british empiricism, and a "proseminar" (not sure what that means but it seems to be largely about Wittgenstein).

Wednesday: P's birthday!!! Hurray! N made blueberry pancakes for breakfast; gave P a well-deserved trip to the spa and a new coat from JCrew. and took P out for lobster and riesling at the bonefish grill. and made carrot cupcakes for dessert.

also, Wednesday and Thursday N had TA training all day. which was largely irrelevant but still got him inspired about the idea of teaching. he was reminded of Herman Bavinck's longstanding interest in pedagogy.

Thursday: after training/archival work/grad orientation, we drove to Sunset Beach to hang out with the Jones'. good times.

Friday: we left the beach around 4 and headed home.

Saturday: P's MLS orientation; our piano arrived. the house got mostly unpacked. we visited the SC State Museum where we saw local art (we were often reminded of Travis' remark,"self-taught. never would have guessed") and sampled SC bbq. this kind had black vinegar sauce and was quite good.

Sunday: visited First Presbyterian and heard Sinclair Ferguson preach on 1 Cor. 6:1-13. he is ok. afterwards there was a lunch for college students... we are technically in that category although we are sort of oddities by now. at lunch we enjoyed very diverse company. we will say no more.

that's about it.

do you miss us?


Becca said...

oh goodness neeeragggu! (translated: I miss you.)--and oh man, MLS training. sounds fascinating.

knew you'd get a blog. ;-)

Jami said...

Yes, we miss you!!!

Seth and Janet said...

hoooray for a new blog. we miss you guys!

Jessica said...

heck yes we miss you!! but glad to hear you are doing well!

Jess said...

Yay! A blog FINALLY! Glad I can keep up with you this way. Hope you are having a wonderful time settling into your new home! Miss you!

Kevin said...

We miss you guys! I see that SC has influenced you to largely disregard capitalization while referring to one another by first initial. it the hot weather or the slow southern pace of life?